Livewyre Studio has provided information for audio projects in this 'DIY' section, this includes comprehensive guides on converting cassettes to CD's, multi-track recording with AUDACITY software and setting up a PC microphone.



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The DIY section of cassette2cd began with pages to help those who planned to turn their own cassette recordings into CD and MP3's. Research showed that there are other audio projects that could benefit from similar step-by-step guides, and LiVEWYRE Studio has stepped up to produce some free guides for our visitors. Any new projects will appear here on the new DIY menu page.

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1. CASSETTE TO CD - The first and ever-popular guide gives guidance in the form of step-by-step instuctions with illustrations, and has helped many, many people to turn their old cassettes into brand new CD's.


2. PC Mic Troubleshooting guide - The second DIY guide is designed as a simple aid to help those who have had trouble connecting a microphone to their PC.


3. Multi-track recording - intended to illustrate h0w to connect a condenser microphone to a PC, also investigates multitrack recording using AUDACITY software.


All of the guides are provided free of charge, there is a download version of the cassette to CD and the PC mic guides, other guides for the other tasks have yet to be produced. No charge is made for the guides, but donations are encouraged (see below) to help with the upkeep of the site.

Donations entitle the sponsor to an 'unlocked' version of the downloadable guides, and free updates should the guides be revised in the future.

If you would like to show appreciation of the work involved in compiling these pages - you can make a small donation via Paypal



cassette to cd conversion


PC microphone guide


recording tracks with Audacity

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